George M Johnson is a native of Plainfield NJ, educated at Virginia Union University and Bowie State University respectively. George's work has been featured on EBONY.com, JET Magazine, Huffington Post, TheBody.com, MusedMagonline.com, HIVEqual.org, Aumag.org, DiverseEducation.com, Blavity.com, Pride.com, and RoleReboot.org. His work ranges in topics of sex, gender, race, intersectionality, pop culture, politics, and education. He currently writes a column for Arts & Understanding magazine His words and tweets have been used in various media publications such as CNN, BET, VIBE, The Atlantic, and COMPLEX. He made national media attention when his tweet about racism in swimming in correlation to Simone Manual's Olympic Gold Medal win went viral. He was profiled on ESSENCE.com, and the followup story to the tweet was shared and liked over 500,000 times. He has done some media work being a guest on HuffPost Live and the Karen Hunter Show for Sirius XM radio. He can also be found running his mouth on FaceBook and Twitter about current events and trending topics. National Youth Pride Services named him number 1 on there list of 50 winners helping others to win for 2016, and he has been named to several LGBTQ activism lists over the past few years. You can reach him at iamgmjohnson@gmail.com Twitter @iamgmjohnson


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George M. Johnson | The Writer

From riveting and thought- provoking pieces across multiple award-winning publications to his upcoming College Guide, GMJ is committed to writing to make a difference

"I am because someone else was. I will so someone else can be" -George Johnson

George is the Vice-President of Black, Gifted, and Whole.

Black, Gifted & Whole is a revolutionary attempt to change the collective narrative of Black gay men. Our mission is to empower, educate and mobilize Black gay men by acknowledging, celebrating and affirming their whole selves. We understand that solely focusing on the sexual behavior of these men has historically done them a disservice. Far too often, marginalized communities are left out of the equation when decisions are being made about their lives.